Whale - WIP

This painting spent a short, but VERY disturbing time as Old Greg.

I'm in the final push to finish my December show. Things are on schedule so far. I've got this entire week off for Thanksgiving so I'll be spending a lot of time painting furiously.

I decided on a show title too: Reconciling

Heynas - WIP

Not sure about the values right now. I originally was thinking of the upper portions of the painting to be dark, then fading to light around the figures. Now I'm thinking of reversing them. Hmm. This is late post of this last weekend's progress. I figured I should post this before this next weekend arrives.

Possibly Not the Best Idea

Sooo... in a fit of temporary insanity a few weeks ago, I replied to a craigslist ad looking for an artist to work on a graphic novel. Now, I'm trained as an illustrator and everything, but I haven't worked with a client in this kind of situation in a long, long time. And I'm currently working on getting a lot of paintings done for a solo show in December. But... dammit... I couldn't help myself. The story's got a post-apocalyptic theme... and I have a crush on post-apocalyptic fiction.

So I applied for the job and did a quick mock up of one of the scenes. Client hasn't totally decided on an artist but I'm told I'm one of 3. The project won't start until September, which works great for me. Ugh...! What did I just (potentially) get myself into?!

So. Much. Fun though. I'm thinking of doing the whole thing in grayscale paint. Maybe gouache. That's if I get the project. Wish me luck or wish me sanity! I don't think I can have both for this one!