Relocating to Wordpress

I've spent the last week redesigning my site and transferring all the content over to the Wordpress engine. I like saying engine. Check out the results!


Since I've been curtailing my blogging to art-related topics only, I'm also going to try out the blogging function Wordpress is designed around too. This will be my last entry on Livejournal for now. But here's my RSS feed. Come follow me if you'd like!


I'm planning on keeping up with my LJ friend lists though, so I won't be disappearing completely. I hope everyone is hanging in there and hopefully OK. Take care.

ETA: Fixed feed URL. Sorry!

Art-O-Mat Accepted!

I got notice today that I'm now an Art-O-Mat artist, and that I'm to begin production. So... small paintings of mine may be coming to an Art-O-Mat near you!

Here's the placard I made for my vending slot:

I'm going to make paintings about my literal myopia. Should be an interesting experience!

Duke, Murphy, Ries & AOM #1 - WIP

Here are some works in progress. The first three dogs are for the Art for Animals auction to benefit the Spay and Neuter for Life charity. The fourth WIP here is for my application to the Art-O-Mat. I'm thinking that even if I don't get accepted into the project that I'll just keep doing the little things until I'm all done. The 3 dogs are 11" x 14" and the AOM#1 is 2.25" x 3.125".

I've painted myself into another deadline again so I'll be finishing up the pups this week. The AOM#1, I'll probably get done by the weekend as well.

More Ornaments

Here are the rest of the ornaments I made for the tree this year. I got them all on there by Christmas day. It was really fun making them. I felt like an elf making, baking, painting and stringing them up. More are likely on the way next year!


Making Christmas

This year, we'd decided we were going to get our first full sized Christmas tree. And not only that! We were going to get a REAL tree! We picked one out and set it up, and I've entered what Chris is calling a period of TREE SQUEE.

Because we've got a full sized tree for the first time, I've felt the desire to fill it up and weigh it down with ornaments. An overloaded tree is a happy tree I've always said. But then I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to make my own ornaments that reflect our year and stuff that we like and are important to us. Here are the first six, made of polymer clay and painted.

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of food on this tree.

Reconciling, Opening Dec 2, 2010

So here is the show, grouped into their series.

"Attributes (helmets)"

"Fallacies (animals)"

"Holes in the Ground (culverts)"

Here's a short statement I wrote for the show.

We sometimes project our own traits onto objects, animals or places in an effort to understand the things that elude our understanding. We sometimes create stories, imagine histories and craft elaborate connections to better recognize, accept and reconcile with our fears, dreams and natures. These tendencies can be both comforting and scary, allowing us to reveal ourselves or further slip into denial. Interesting associations can form as we negotiate our own emotional responses.

As is usual for me, these paintings were both exhilarating to make, and exhausting. I think I'll be spending some quality time in Cello Land for a bit. I haven't made a long term trip to that equally exhausting and exhilarating place and I think I could use the change of pace. Also, there's less clean up needed.